Bio (2 column table)


Kenny Burton is a painter, musician and engineer living in Denver, CO. His art manifests the surreal, psychedelic and bizarre through mediums of acrylic painting, electrified instrumentation and digital manipulation. Kenny finds inspiration in geometricity, light-play, distortion, vibrancy and anomalous nature. Through his art he hopes to invoke adventure, curiosity and humor into everyday life.

Kenny was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK and attended the University of Missouri where he pitched for the baseball program. After suffering a season-ending and effectively career-ending shoulder injury, he turned to his civil engineering degree to discover a new future. Kenny currently designs roadways and bike paths throughout Colorado to support his artistic practice. Through his years spent in Denver, his love for art and music has burgeoned into an unyielding desire to create and evolve as an artist.

When Kenny isn’t working on a project in his Washington Park West apartment, he spends his time biking around the city, attending concerts, or hanging out with his three lava lamps and ever growing pez collection.


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